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iPhone 7 Oil Damage Backlight Replacement At iPro Ampang KL


A customer came to our shop with his iPhone 7 that has been dropped into oil. We were worried that it might damage the motherboard, but his iPhone was able to be turn on. The problem was with his iPhone’s screen. The screen has been damaged by oil and some part of the screen is not displaying clearly. Our technician inspected his iPhone and found out that it was only his backlight that was damaged. It is possible to replace the backlight instead of replacing the whole screen. The only thing that he should be concerned about is time, replacing the backlight might take up to 4 hours while replacing the screen can completed within 15 minutes. He was in no hurry using his iPhone and he also wanted to save some money, so he opted for replacing his backlight. After completing the backlight replacement, we contacted him to come and collect his iPhone. He was really glad that we gave him the option to replace his backlight instead of replacing his whole screen. We will always provide the best solution for our customer’s smart device.

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