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iPhone 6 Wifi Antenna Replacement At iPro Ampang

iPhones use a very small and thin wifi antenna. Although it is small, but it is more than powerful enough to get a good signal strengh. In most cases, the antenna is unplugged for the mother board. Our technician just need to replug it and everything will be good to go. Other than this cases, our technician need to inspect the phone throughly before identifying the problem.

The iPhone is unable to detect any wifi signal nearby

A customer came to our shop with his iPhone 6 that has no wifi reception. The iPhone is unable to detect any wifi signal nearby it. Our technician inspected the iPhone and found out the wifi antenna was damaged and need to be replaced. The replacement took around 30 minutes. This procedure requires our technician to remove everything inside the iPhone. This is because the wifi antenna is placed under the mother board. After placing every part boack to its place, the wifi antenna works just fine. He was happy with our quick inspection and service.

The iPhone is able to scan the wifi signal nearby

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