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iPhone 6 Screen And Battery Replacement At iPro Ampang

A bloated battery can damage the screen of an iPhone. The screen is pushed above when the battery starts bloating. The screen will not be damaged if the battery bloated just a little. But it will become a problem when the battery starts to bloat even more. Apple has placed backlight protector for some of its old variant iPhones. This protector works mainly to protect the screen from being damaged from a bloated battery.

Miss Tine came to our shop with her screen cracked and battery bloated. Usually customer will come to our shop to replace the battery before it bloated more severely. She said she didn’t have time to replace the battery because of her busy schedule. Unfortunately, the battery damaged the screen and she has to replace both of them. After replacing the battery and screen, she was very hapy with our quick service. Our technician replaced the screen and battery within 30 minutes. She joined our annual lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 2.

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