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iPhone 6 Home Button Repair At iPro Ampang

Mr Ezhar came to us with his iPhone 6 that does not detect the home button. He said that his home button cannot be detected sometimes at first, but now it cannot be used at all. Our technician inspected his iPhone and found out that the home button cable was broken. He was able to use the home button on some occasion maybe because it was touching eventhough it was already broken. We replaced the home button and told him the finger print sensor will not be able to work again. The finger print sensor will only work with the original home button. The home button has an dedicated chip that can only be detected with certain motherboard. The finger print sensor cannot be fixed but the home button can be fixed. He agreed to proceed with the home button replacement. After replacing the home button, it work just fine. He was glad that he was able to use the home button again as he used to.

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