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iPhone 6 GPS Problem Repair At iPro Ampang

Mr Hamezal came to our shop with his iPhone 6. He states that his iPhone weren’t able to get any signal for GPS. Before inspecting his iPhone, our technician told him that this normally happen because of 2 case. First case is that the GPS antenna is broken and needed to be replaced. Replacing the GPS antenna is a easy fix compared to second issue. Second issue is the problem might be related to motherboard. Repairing a motherboard might take few days and need to done with extra care. A small mistake during repairing the motherboard might lead to another problem. Our technician inspected his iPhone and replaced his GPS antenna. The GPS signal was okay and our technician ran a through check to make sure that it is not a motherboard issue. Lucky for him it was not a motherboard issue. The replacement was done within 30 minutes and he was so happy that his GPS signal was working again. He joined our lucky draw contest and stand a chance to win a Apple Watch Series 3. We are giving away a Apple Watch Series 3 as the grand prize and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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