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iPad Mini 2 LCD Replacement At iPro Ampang

iPads are one of the most famous tablets in the world.The iPad is essentially a large iPod Touch or iPhone without the phone. Its larger size makes it more useful at home than smaller mobile devices. It is more convenient (and fun) than a notebook, netbook, or tablet computer.

iPad screen are made of two parts, which is a LCD display and touch panel. This makes any repairing regarding the screen a lot cheaper and more convenient for the user. A customer came to our shop and asked us to replace the screen to his iPad Mini 2 because the screen is a bit blurry on some pary of the screen. We explained to him that he needed to replace the LCD display only instead of changin the whole screen. He was glad to hear it because he can save some money. After completing the LCD replacement, he joined our Year End Sale (YES) lucky draw contest. He stands a chance to win a Apple Watch Series 3 and other prizes worth up to RM 2000.

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