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Huawei Nova 2i Battery Expand Repair At iPro Ampang

Mr Azam came to our shop with his Huawei Nova 2i. He did not show us his phone at first, but when our technician were shocked when they saw his phone. It was bloated. It is not badly bloated, but Nova 2i model batteries does not have much issue. After talking with the customer, we found out that he always overchages his iphone. Overcharges means you are still charging your phone even after it is full. The simpliest example is charging a phone overnight. Putting a phone in charge before sleeping and plugging it out after waking up in the morning. We advise for you to stop this behaviour as this can damage your battery.

Mr Azam asked us to replace his battery and we agreed upon his wish. Our technician replaced the battery within 40 minutes. He was happy with his new battery and our fast service. We are really glad to help our customer that has problems and need it to be fixed in a short amount of time.

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