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Dead Pixel iPhone 5s Repair at iPro Ampang

A dead pixel is a picture element in which all three RGB (red, green, blue) sub-pixels are permanently turned off, which creates a black spot in the display. Malfunctioning transistors and manufacturing flaws can result in dead pixels.

What Causes Dead Pixels?
– >Dark dots: These are caused by dead transistors. …
– >Portions of pixels are the wrong color or otherwise displayed improperly: A partial sub-pixel defect from the RGB film layer being cut improperly cannot be fixed.

The easiest fix for dead pixel is to replace the entire screen. Although there has been other method that seems to be working. But replacing the screen will surely fix this problem.

Mr Haziq came to our shop with his iPhone 5s that has an certain area that is black. He said it happened after dropping the iPhone. The drop did not crack the screen and did not disrupt the touch sensitive. The screen was perfectly fine but only a certain part was black. Our technician suggested to him to change the screen and he agreed. We changed the screen within 20 minutes and it was as good as a new phone. He was happy with his new screen and joined our annual lucky draw contest. We are giving away Apple Watch Series 2 as the main prize and other prizes worth up to RM 500.

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