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iPhone 6 Cannot On Repair At iPro Ampang

There can be many reasons for a phone to be unable to be turn on. iPhone is made of a lot components and do not forget the motherboard. The motherboard can be damaged too and it takes time to repair a motherboard. Detecting the source of motherboard problem can be tricky sometimes but components problem can be easily detected. One of the main reason is the battery. iPhone battery can be damaged and might lead to a dead battery. In this case, there nothing much can be done except by replacing the battery.

Mr. Nabil came to our shop with his iPhone 6 that cannot be turn on. Our technician inspected his iPhone and found out his battery was dead. He was worried that the damage might be more severe, but luckily it was just the battery. We suggested that he replace the battery with a YooBao battery. YooBao battery has upgraded capacity that helps the user to use the phone longer. He was amazed with this new battery and agreed on replacing his old battery with a YooBao battery. After completing the replacement, he was so happy with the fact that he is able to use iPhone again. Thank you for trusting us with your smartphone. We will try to provide a better service in the future.

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